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Posted by Kanzer - July 6th, 2011

After a year and a half since my last news post, I've uploaded three new pieces of art to my gallery. They are far better than anything I had uploaded here, my personal favourite being Reason VS Emotion... by far. I can't wait to have it sculpted and done as metal figures!

I hope you enjoy and please leave some helpful comments. My laziness shows in those pics (specially the last one) but please ignore that and go for the helpful advice. See you!

Posted by Kanzer - January 24th, 2010

Well well, I'm working on a new picture to upload here, it's gonna be my first submitted fanart, based on one of my all-time favorite franchises: Castlevania!

No, there's no Alucard in it ¬¬

They're gonna be Aeon and Shanoa battling it out, the two newest and amongst the coolest characters in their whole universe: seriously guys, they freaking rock.

So yes, there's gonna be a nice ass in this picture ¬¬

I'm uploading the primitive stage I uploaded some days ago, as far as I worked the day I started it. I've got Aeon almost finished by now, but now I'm starting my finals at uni so I don't know when I'll get this finished.

Check out my other works while waiting! Comments are always lovely appreciated <3

Castlevania Judgement Fanart!

Posted by Kanzer - December 30th, 2009


Kind of old, but casually found it around and had to post it ^^

Posted by Kanzer - December 27th, 2009

Woah guys, just watched the new Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 4 by cyotecody555, and it's awesome, even better than the previous parts (1 - 2 - 3), you've totally got to watch'em, right now. It'll be awesome even if you haven't played the games.

Still what totally killed me was the hilarious Left4Dead cameo he got in there... HELL YEAH! I think that's what I needed to convince me to do some L4D fanart for you guys. It's been a while since I last drew anything after all.

There I leave you some screen captures of the epic moment, be sure to check the series out!

http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/231 0/l4p1.jpg
http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/975 1/l4p2.jpg
http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/901 3/l4p3.jpg


Posted by Kanzer - December 2nd, 2009

My custom map Priorities (code 2539) for the great game Time Fcuk keeps doing great in the leaderboards!

Overall Difficulty: 8.89
Overall Fun: 8.44 (in Awesome Tops)

Well I don't think it's so difficult but again, I made it and know how to beat it. If any of you get stuck and need any tips, give me a shout via PM and I'll help you a little.

If I make it to the top ranks in Awesome or get once again into the Top Difficulty, I'm planning to make an amazing Time Fcuk fanart and an artistic level for your enjoyment ^^

Don't forget to check out my latest art! And give me a few comments for improvement.

Fcuk yeah!

Posted by Kanzer - November 30th, 2009

More news and more Time Fcuk stuff! My custom level Priorities (code 2539) is no longer in Most Difficult, but it made it to Most Awesome instead! Woo hoo! Be sure to check it out! And hope you have fun! You can ask me for some help here if you need it!

I've also uploaded some new art to the Art Portal! I was more focused on this one, and I think it went out pretty well, I'm proud of it!

Talking about art, I'm still waiting to be scouted! If you're an approved Artist and like my drawings, I'd really appreciate scouting. If you're not, I'd still be thankful for a recommendation!

Teim Kfuc dan nwes!

Posted by Kanzer - November 25th, 2009

Looks like my only custom level ever made and uploaded to Time Fcuk has made it to the Top Ranks! The level, named Priorities (code 2539) is one of the Most Difficult with an overall score of 8.80 and it's still one of the most liked (even if not on Most Awesome) with a great 8.23 in coolness! I'm glad you all liked it!

In other news, I uploaded a new work to the Art Portal, dedicated to the death of the mother of a beloved one. I really hope you like it, even if it was totally made in a hurry. I put a lot of sentiment onto it.

Talking about art, I'm still waiting to be scouted! If you're an approved Artist and like my drawings, I'd really appreciate scouting. If you're not, I'd still be thankful for a recommendation!

Posted by Kanzer - June 25th, 2009

Well it's been quite a while since I first joined Newgrounds, but with the recent aperture of the Art Portal, I can finally contribute something to the community. Still waiting to be scouted, but I hope somebody will like my work. You can have a look here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kan zer/spanish-fire

Can't wait to get rid of my very last finals so I can actively start working and submitting newer stuff!

PS. If you're an approved artist in the Art forum and like my work, I would highly appreciate scouting! ^^

New art submission!